Beautylight Optronics Co., Ltd was first established in 2007as the manufacturer of the “Light Guide Plate”. In 2010, we engaged in the field of LED illumination and became fully dedicated to designing and developing the “ Remote Phosphor Cap” and ”Specialty Phosphor Diffraction film”, which were successfully certificated and patented by national and international institutions. The range of applications includes LCD commercial lighting source, consumer lighting source, and various lighting solutions.

Our competitive strengths rely on leading technologies in the field of Remote Phosphor, with integrated processes from design to production, including material allocation, optical design, Lens design, Tooling design, Equipment Deployment as well as production process improvement. With our superior innovation capability contributed from R&D experience and state of art mass-production ability,we deliver only the best products to our customer.

We collaborate with upstream materials suppliers, epitaxy wafer manufacturer and downstream LED packaging house, lighting providers as Strategic Business Alliance to develop innovative LED Lighting that is both high-performance and cost-effective. We also aim to achieve alliance mutual objectives which are to accelerate Direct incandescent / CFL bulb replacement to preserve, protect, and enhance the environment.