Beautylight would like to introduce an innovative Remote Phosphor Technology for more uniform and light output in LED lighting applications. With Remote Phosphor Technology, LED light source is covered by a phosphor cap which separated from the blue LEDs instead of bonded to it. Phosphor cap can be made in any shape and any color is revealed when Blue LEDs are illuminated behind the remote phosphor.


Using Remote Phosphor Cap, lighting designers can control a range of CRI and CCT through the usage of different Remote Phosphor Caps with the same LED board. Further, LEDs from one or a combination of two blue color bins can be used, which simplifies inventory management and LED package process.


Remote Phosphor Technology increases LED package lifetime by reducing temperature. Since the light emitter (the phosphor cap) is positioned remotely form the Blue LEDs, we are able to achieve thermal performance and ensure LEDs stability over time. Remote Phosphor also improves glare, less color shift, increased efficacy, enhanced color consistency and uniform.

Remote Phosphor Cap designed into a retrofit bulb enables high output density, since the reflected light is spread over a large phosphor area as 180 beam angle and maintained a record around 20% conversion efficacy.

Remote Phosphor also supports customizable and standard CCT (color temperature) options and high CRI (Color Rendering Index) Options. Remote Phosphor also displays strong attributes of traditional LED's, no warm-up time and dimmable options, enabling the use of occupancy sensors for power savings.


Beautylight remote phosphor solution delivers ideal methods to meet tough performance requirement as well as comply with legacy standards, and deliver benefits such as lower power consumption and longer replacement interval. Above approach come with an excellent support of our experts spanning electrical, optical and mechanical design, not only offers technology but does so in a highly competitive package are your best solution for LED lighting.